Quest Training and Assessment in partnership with various RTO’s deliver nationally recognised training which results in individuals receiving a nationally recognised certificate. All of our trainers hold a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and vocational competencies at least to the level at which they are training.

Our courses are developed in consultation with industry and are designed to incorporate practical content aimed specifically at aspects of competency that require further understanding and implementation in the real world. In addition, we strive to customise and deliver each course with emphasis on the material that is most relevant to the clients attending. This helps us to target our training effectively and ensure that all elements of competency are covered.

These requirements are then all packaged to create individual courses tailored to suit the requirements of individuals and workplaces. In understanding that it’s often difficult to find the time for training, where possible we offer the flexibility in scheduling the training and or assessment to meet the needs of our clients.

Assessments are delivered progressively throughout the course, allowing us to monitor progress and give feedback to address any areas that have not been well understood. At the conclusion of each course we collect feedback from participants and use their comments as the basis for continual improvement of our course material and refinement of the assessment process.

Quest is proud of our association with various Aboriginal organisations and their people. We have a strong understanding and respect for the culture and country of our fellow Australians.

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